New Tech

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New Tech Learning Outcome that incorporate the Virginia's F 5Cs

School Wide Learning Outcomes - SWLOs

Knowledge & Thinking - 50%

*SOLs/CTE competencies

*Understanding of course content

*Intellectual growth

Written Communication - 20%

*Writing across the curriculum

*Formal and informal assignments (formative and summative)

*Written responses

Oral Communication - 10%


*Formal and informal presentations

*Verbal or video responses

Collaboration - 10%

*Small group work

*Whole class collaboration

*Classroom norms


Agency - 10%

*Response to participation

*Soft skills

*Executive functioning skills

*Willingness to take control of one’s own learning

NewTech Network  
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About New Tech Network
New Tech Network, a national nonprofit organization, is a leading design partner for comprehensive K-12 school change. We coach teachers and school leaders to inspire and engage all students through authentic and challenging work. The New Tech model combines pervasive project-based learning, an engaging school-wide culture and the real-world use of technology tools and resources. We support the whole school through three key structures: professional development events, coaching, and Echo, the NTN project-based platform. New Tech Network students consistently outperform national high school graduation and college persistence rates. The network consists of more than 200 schools in 27 states and Australia.

Virginia 5 Cs with Alleghany High School's Language of Net Tech Added