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New Tech Learning Outcome that incorporate the Virginia's F 5Cs

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Virginia 5 Cs with Alleghany High School's Language of Net Tech Added

SWLO (School Wide Learning Objectives)



Content/Knowledge - 50%


*Understanding of course content

*Intellectual growth Written Communication - 20%

*WAC (writing across the curriculum)

*Formal and informal assignments (formative and summative) Oral Communication - 10%


*Formal and Informal Presentations

Collaboration - 10%

*Small group work

*Whole class facilitation

*Classroom norms


Agency - 10%

*Response to participation

*Soft skills

*Executive functioning skill Justification: 1. Common target for Equity. Common practices = Equity! 2. Increase parent and student understanding 3. Category weights were determined by AHS team at NTAC 4. Create a common ground in order to build our NTN community 5. Freshmen Opportunity - Same concept 6. We are all learning together so let's keep it together.

Points of Order:

**Grading autonomy has not been forsaken.

**Not every assignment hits all 5 categories.  It may only hit 2.

Alleghany High School ECHO Grade book Login Information:

Echo grade book information:

Parent portal to Echo:

For Parents:

Parent’s username is their child’s  PowerSchool student number suffixed with par. example 1119883par

Parent’s password equals their child’s PowerSchool student number suffixed with 00.  example 111988300
Parents must have registered a PowerSchool account before you can sign into your parent Echo account!  It also take 24 hours after registering your PowerSchool account for your Echo account to become active!

Parent Tutorial on Registering PowerSchool account - (Click Here)Parent tutorial on Creating PowerSchool account
Student portal to Echo:

For Students:

Student username equals PowerSchool student number.  

Student passwords equal PowerSchool student number suffixed with two zeros.

As an example, if a student number is 0003456, the students password is 000345600
                           Parent/Observer Tutorial 
                             Login and Navigation 

Picture of  Youtube Video on How to Log into Echo as a  parent or Observer
                         Parent/Observer Tutorial
                            Profile and Settings

Picture of  Youtube video of parent or observer changing their ECHO profile
                     Parent/Observer Tutorial
                       Gradebook Deep Dive

Picture of  Youtube video of parent or observer viewing grades in ECHO Picture of link to Echo resources
About New Tech Network
New Tech Network, a national nonprofit organization, is a leading design partner for comprehensive K-12 school change. We coach teachers and school leaders to inspire and engage all students through authentic and challenging work. The New Tech model combines pervasive project-based learning, an engaging school-wide culture and the real-world use of technology tools and resources. We support the whole school through three key structures: professional development events, coaching, and Echo, the NTN project-based platform. New Tech Network students consistently outperform national high school graduation and college persistence rates. The network consists of more than 200 schools in 27 states and Australia.