Principal's Message

Alleghany High School is excited to continue its adventure as a New Tech Network school, and we are  prepared to meet the challenges of COVID-19 and social distancing.   What does this mean? New Tech’s problem- and project-based learning (or PBL) platform brings together academic inquiry, real-world standards, and student engagement in relevant and meaningful work. Although many schools offer project-based learning to a select group of their students, all students at AHS are a part of this New Tech school. Why project-based learning?  The best starting point for learning is with real, genuine issues of importance to students and communities. Active, concrete experience is the most powerful form of learning. Students learn best when they encounter intriguing topics and people in real-world situations, and when they are faced with genuine challenges, choices, and responsibility for their own learning.

In addition to being a New Tech school, Alleghany High School is also part of the Virginia is for Learners initiative working with the Department of Education to strengthen, connect, and deeper develop the five Cs of a Virginia Graduate (Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Citizenship Skills). We have been working with divisions around the state and various groups across the country to make sure our students have the skills they need to succeed in anything they decide to accomplish. 

This school year we have to incorporate plans to meet the challenges of the state’s phases and guidelines for schools, businesses, and the community to follow.  We have prepared for all in person classes, hybrid instruction, and total virtual learning. The school year will start, unless something changes before September 9th, with our students doing hybrid learning. The hybrid schedule means groups of students will be in the building Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and a very select group who will be here for four days. There will also be a group of students who will be virtual five days per week as part of their normal class or another distance learning platform based on their individual needs. Governor School Students will be in the building the 2nd half of the day on Tuesday and Friday to have live interaction with their Alleghany High School teacher. Staff will be in the building five days per week.  The first day of school for students is a virtual day in the books.   ALL students will be required to log into all their classes in their ECHO account (students with an AHS teacher; and/or virtual learning platform(s) (students with Edgenuity  and Virtual Virginia  Students must sign into their classes and submit at least one assignment/activity on September 9, 2020, to be counted present.  Parents/students with internet and/or other issues will need to call the building to check in with the school and the student’s teacher (540-863-1700).   Students will find in their ECHO account class information, forms, syllabi, work, etc.  from their teachers. 

Our students will also be returning to some changes in faculty, the hybrid bell schedule, policy updates, social distancing requirements, several hand washing reminders, and building renovations.  AHS has hired several new teachers who, along with the veteran staff, are very excited to be a part of the New Tech, Virginia is for Learners initiative, and education in the 2020s. The state of Virginia was moving towards incorporating project - and problem-based learning, community involvement, mentorships, and internships into the school experience before the world was hit with a pandemic. Once the United States has gained control over our current situation, Virginia will be continuing its efforts to make sure students graduating from our state match the 5-Cs in the profile of a Virginia Graduate.  Alleghany High School is working to be one of the leaders in the state and nation with this movement.  We want students graduating from AHS with the skills they need to be REAL WORLD READY! 


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Jared Brown   Assistant Principal & Activities Director 
Lucas Conner Assistant Principal
Karen Staunton Assistant Principal 
Dwayne Ross Principal