Principal's Message


    I want to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year and our family at Alleghany High School, this is the home of the Alleghany Mountaineers! YOU KNOW!!!  Second semester of last school year we started the 1:1 initiative with Chromebooks in the building.  The intiative has been absolutely wonderful for our students and staff!  The staff, students, and community will be working this school year on redesigning the high school to make sure our students are the standard that everyone follows in the profile of a Virginia high school graduate. Our goal is to make sure our students are prepared for the world, love coming to Alleghany High School, and they continue the love of learning their entire lives.  I look forward to a wonderful, fantastic, amazing, and super school year.  I expect Alleghany High School to be considered the best high school in the world. To be the best high school our staff, students, and the community will work together as a professional learning community to continue to improve skills, instruction, character, communication, teamwork, and pride for our family! I expect our staff and students to utilize current and future cutting edge technology as tools to help our school reach global success. I want us to promote, advertise, yell, scream, holler, and praise the successes and great things our school family accomplishes throughout the school year. My goal is that when people hear Alleghany High School Mountaineers, YOU KNOW; it resonates with them that they want to know us as a high school family, respect us for the things we accomplish, and want to be like us or part of our family because of our continued achievements. Our school family should be a guide for the entire world!

    Every school year is a journey with various twists and turns along the way. It is my responsibility, as the instructional leader, to focus on individual and school success. The reality is Alleghany High School is more than just a group of students, staff, and the community; we are family pulling and pushing each other to succeed today, tomorrow, and all days ahead! Throughout my many years of education, two things I know for certain: 1. It truly does take a village to raise a child. 2. It takes the teamwork of the entire community to make our school successful and a guiding force to lifelong learning! I am very happy and pleased to have the opportunity to interact with the students, staff, and community to make Alleghany High School the greatest school in the world.

    Alleghany County Public Schools and Alleghany High School have always been about Teaching, Learning, and Caring (T.L.C.). I have been invested in Alleghany High School since my freshman year back in 1984.  The success of the faculty, students, parents, and community are extremely important to my everyday life and existence. I am going to do everything within my power to get everyone to strive to be the best!

    I encourage you to support the school through our many booster clubs and advisory panels. The AHS Parent Advisory Council and Parent-Teacher-Student Organization meets the last Monday of each month. We will discuss strategic planning as well as immediate issues that will assist in making our school excellent. The Mountaineer Athletic Club, Band Boosters, and Choir Boosters meet periodically throughout the year supporting extracurricular programs. Check the school’s website and local paper for dates.

Adminstration Picture: Kelly Huff, Joy McDonald, Ty Dobbs, Dwayne Ross

Thomas Dobbs  Assistant Principal & Athletic Director
Kelly Huff Assistant Principal
Joy McDonald Assistant Principal
Dwayne Ross Principal