2019-2020 Scholarships start on Page 9

During this time, students can still come to the school building during normal operating hours to drop off any completed scholarship paperwork to guidance. If Mrs. Crizer is not here, you can request it be left for her.

For the LOCAL scholarships, if you do not submit a transcript with the LOCAL ones, the counseling office can print one to attach.

AlleghanyHS_Cheer             Due March 31
FallingSpring_RuritanClub    Due April 1
Stacey_Gibson_Memorial     Due April 3
AlleghanyCo_FarmBureau    Due April 6
Mountaineer_Athletic_Club   Due April 6
Alleghany_Highlands_Kiwanis  Due April 10
AmyVessCrizer_Memorial     Due April 10
DarrinNicely_Memorial         Due April 10
Ingevity_Scholarship           Due April 10
Jeans for Teens Scholarship Due April 10
JeffersonHS_Descendent     Due April 10
Kars_Unlimited_AutoScholarship April 10
Loving_Life_Fellowship        Due April 10
Schoppmeyer_Memorial       Due April 10
CFHS_Alumni_Descendents  Due April 15
Senior_Gift_ClassOf2019      Due April 15
SGTShawnMDunkin_Memorial Due April 15
Event_Zone_ForTheArts       Due April 16
CommFound_MGresham_CovWC Due April 20 EXTENDED to April 30
DeltaKappaGamma_Grant      Due April 24
Granville_Meade           Due April 24
JRCCU_MarvinBrown_Memorial Due April 25
JRCCU_WilliamEarehart_Memorial Due April 25
Roanoke Valley Wrestling    Due April 27