Faculty and Staff

Jose Aragones Spanish
Christy Armentrout English 10 and 11, Honors English 10
Devone Bess Bookkeeper
Corey Bowles              Sports Medicene
Alex Brigham 
Gary Burdette
AFDA, Algebra Readiness, Statistics, Geometry
Special Education 
Teresa Calvert Instructional Assistant
Kaitlyn Canter Visual Arts
William Canter Testing and Technology Resource Teacher 
Emily Cave Family and Consumer Science 
Melissa Church Instructional Assistant
Shane Clarke World History I, World History II, Honors World History I
Roberta Crizer Counseling Secretary 
Jennifer Daniel  English Composition, English 9, Honors English 9
Seth Davis  Government, Psychology, Sociology

Julia Fabian Band
Susan Fey School Nurse 
Will Fields Special Education
Nicole Fogus English Composition, English 9
Lowell Galford Biology, Environmental Science
Josh Hagy English 11, Honors English 11, English 12 and Yearbook 
Elizabeth Hampton            
Kenzie Hampton
Office Secretary
Algebra Readiness, Algebra I, AFDA
Jessica Harmon Instructional Assistant 
Honor Hartsfield
Special Education 
Judy Hensley Algebra II, Geometry 
Diana Higgins Special Education 
Karen Johnson-Hopkins English 11, Honors English 11, DE English 
Mark Jefferson
Adam Kelly 
In School Suspension
Library Media Specialist 
Richard Kline  Algebra I, Algebra II, AFDA
Daphne Livesay Instructional Assistant, Edgenuity, Virtual Virginia 
Cynthia Maccentelli Geometry, Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry
Zachary Mahler  U.S. History, Honors U.S. History, World History I
Benjamin Manning Economics and Personal Finance, Honors World History II
Sarah Mast Honors U.S. Government, World History II, Psychology
Joe Mayes Technical Drawing and Construction 
Sharon McCaleb Instructional Assistant 
Greg Payne Special Education 
Nicolas Perlozzo PE 9, PE 10, Advanced PE
Lee Phillips Business and Computer Information Systems 
Tracie Porter Special Education/ School Based Intervention Chair 
Sharon Puffenbarger PE 9, PE 10, Adaptive PE 
Tristan Puckett Chemistry
Sara Rapp Biology, Honors Biology, Forensic Science 
Teresa Reed Agriculture 
Renee Samuelsen  English 11, English 12, Honors English 12, Mythology
Tracy Shinault
Instructional Assistant
Phillip Soyring Earth Science, Honors Earth Science, Physics, Astronomy
Katie Spinks English 10, Honors English 10, English 12, English Capstone 
Amanda Sprouse Choir
Heather Terrell World Geography, Leadership
Mallory Thompson U.S. History, DE History, African American Studies 
Robert Tucker Spanish