Biennial Plan

to be revised September 2016

#1 – Student Achievement



  1. AHS 2015-2018  Academic Improvement Plan link  


#2 – School Environment


Provide a safe and orderly school for students, staff, and parents that focus on the pillars of character.


  1. Have School Resource Officer (SRO) continue to be a visible presence to the students, including classroom activities.
  2. Continue to administer Youth Risk Behavior Survey and examine and share its findings with faculty and staff.
  3. Actively recruit parents to participate in the Parent Advisory Committee meetings to offer input on school safety and school improvement.
  4. Continue to implement Character Counts into classroom curriculum.
  5. Target incidents involving bullying, fighting, and threats against staff and students through education, enforcement, intervention, and mediation.
  6. Consistently enforce rules and regulations of the school in accordance with the policy handbook.
  7. Continue to emphasize the reduction of student use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs through education and enforcement.
  8. Continue to review and implement safety recommendations of the School Safety Committee.
  9. Encourage student participation in various extra-curricular activities.
  10. Implement a peer-tutoring program.
  11. Continue to utilize classroom space more efficiently by better balancing the number of teachers with common

planning times.

#3 – Human Resources

Maintain a highly qualified faculty and staff whose purpose is to provide quality instruction and support to increase student achievement.


  1. Work with central office staff to maintain a fully licensed and highly motivated faculty and staff.
  2. Keep faculty up-to-date on benchmarks to be met through staff development, seminars, and faculty meetings.
  3. Encourage teacher participation in staff development.
  4. Provide in house staff development for teachers and teacher assistants.
  5. Encourage open communication among faculty and staff.
  6. Provide teachers with meaningful evaluations and timely feedback on instructional practices through multiple classroom observations by administrators/evaluators.
  7. Encourage collaboration among teachers to share best practice ideas.
  8. Provide adequate opportunities for departments to work collaboratively on curriculum and departmental projects.
  9. Work to promote a high morale throughout the entire school.

10.  Set high expectations for quality work with all employees held accountable for job performance.


#4 – Parents & Community


Promote parent and community involvement in the life of the school.


  1. Encourage parent participation in parent/teacher conferences through positive communication, awareness, and a variety of venues.
  2. Increase effective communication with parents by providing information about PTSO and parent advisory committees.
  3. Maintain an up-to-date school website with pertinent information for parents and community stakeholders.
  4. Continue to have faculty and staff remain visible and accessible to parents and community
  5. Effectively communicate school goals and expectations to stakeholders on the school’s website.
  6. Encourage the development of community partnerships.
  7. Solicit parent and community input in decision-making.


#5 – Capital Improvement


Work closely with school administration and community leaders communicating the capital needs of AlleghanyHigh School.


  1. Improve the quality of air and temperature conditions inside the building to enhance students learning by decreasing disruptions in the learning environment.
  2. Continue to make improvements and renovations to the current facility to accommodate student needs and safety.

3.   Upgrade technology to expand opportunities and accommodate needs for students and faculty.