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The 2nd Annual AHS Extravaganza 
November 12th, 2019 - 4-7pm


Alleghany High School A New Tech School

Staff was assigned the project of finding two students that inspires them to come to school.  Here are some of the staff members’ choices.  Special thanks to David Kahle for producer and Justin Leitch cameraman for this video!   Click on the picture above to view video. 

Students gave their responses to the statement, "What New Tech Means to Me...." See their responses in this video.

Storytelling Picture of charters from children's books


Mr. Nicely and Mr. Hagy are collaborating to bring Story Time to Students during the shutdown for COVID-19. The goal is to have students in all of Mr. Hagy's classes to submit videos of them reading some of their favorite stories, so our elementary students can still watch them at home and not miss out on the magic of storytelling.  Our goal is to have at least a new story per day for students to watch.

This link is for Trinka Hakes NobleThe Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash-  Read by Freshman  Torri Patterson https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sKr6OMW2nEgoRrQxW9R0XbqohvDYH_6n/view?usp=sharing

This link is for Miriam Nerlove-I Meant to Clean My Room Today-  Read by Freshman Wyatt Griffith


 This link is for DrSeuss's - Green eggs and ham, read by AHS Freshman, 
Megan McHenry 


This Link is for Eric Carle's - Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?  Read by Freshman Olivia Lopez -


This link is for Eric Carle's - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Read by Freshman Kadence Bradberry-


This link is for Audrey Wood and Don Wood's -  The Little Mousethe Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear, read by AHS Senior Elizabeth Lee 


This link is for Margret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd - The Goodnight Moon -  Read by Freshman Sidney Donnan -


This link is for Daniel Errico - And that was the Oddest of things -  Read by Freshman  - Isabella Hall - 


This link is for Marcus Pfister -  The Rainbow Fish, read by AHS Senior Abigayle Reynolds


This link is for 
Eat Pete –by Michael Rex, read by AHS Freshman, Lucy Nicely






The Alleghany County School Board adopted a new grading scale and adjusted the grading periods that will go into effect for the 2019-2020 school year.  In previous years, the school year was divided into six grading periods of six weeks, and students were issued report cards every six weeks.  Under the new system, there will be four grading periods of nine weeks.  Report cards will be issued after each nine week grading period; however, unofficial grade reports, which we will refer to as “interim reports,” will be sent home with students after four and a half weeks into each grading period.   

Students at Alleghany High School will no longer receive 5 point added to their final grade for passing the SOL assessment and/or career credentialing test, and students will be required to take an end of course assessment in all classes that counts 20% of their final grade.  Seniors with an “A” in the course will be exempt from taking the final assessment. The Seniors’ Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Honor Graduates will be determined after first semester of the senior year. Seniors must have at least a 3.55 GPA for Honor Graduate status. 

Details for the new grading scale are as follows:

Grades 6th - 12th  

                All classes

10 point Grading Scale                   GPA                       Weighted GPA

100-90                   A                             4.0                                         5.0

89-80                     B                             3.0                                         4.0

79-70                     C                             2.0                                         3.0

69-60                     D                             1.0                                         2.0

59-0                       F                              0.0                                         0.0


**Therapeutic special education (VAAP Students), remediation, and computer lab will receive:

                                P             Pass

                                F             Fail  
- Elimination of the 5 Point add-on to the final grade for passing the SOL assessments/career credentialing exams     
- All high school courses will have an end of course assessment which shall count 20% of the final grade.  Seniors may be exempt from the assessment if they have an A average in the class.     
- Report cards will reflect no grade lower than 40 for the first 9 weeks of a course. - Required Interim Reports will be sent home at the 4 ½ week interval for all subjects at the elementary level and for all courses at the middle school and high school. - Any student working below grade level will be recommended for intervention/remediation. - Honor Graduates shall have at least a 3.55 GPA.  The Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Honor Grad status will be determined after the first semester of the senior year.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the counseling or administrative departments at either Alleghany High School or Clifton Middle School.

Awesome things are happening here at AHS! 

Alleghany High School Staff and Student Expo is September 13, 2019 and November 12, 2019!

AHS Staff, Students, Parents, and Community,

On September 13, 2019 and November 12, 2019 Alleghany High School held its first two EXPOs of the school year.   These events are to allow education in a different way, and the goal of these events are to promote learning, promote fun, encourage school attendance, and combat chronic absenteeism.  Based on students and staff feedback these events were a major success!  In order for these events to be successful in the future we need the help of everyone.  We are looking for students, staff, parents, and community to be instructors for sessions.  The sessions should last about an hour with a maximum of 3 sessions.  If you are interested in being an instructor/teacher of anything under sun please contact Alleghany High School Administration.  The next EXPO is April 9, 2020, so you have lots of time to come up with ideas and plan for the next event.  We want it to be bigger and better than the first two EXPOs of the school year! 

Eye of the tiger

The Alleghany High School Fall Extravaganza held on  November 12, 2019
This year's Theme ------- EYE of the Tiger!   Student Showcase FALL Extravaganza! (No Games, Practices, Etc; Late Night Activity Buses)                       

 Fall extravaganza AHS Spanish Students Dancing 2.JPG Fall extravaganza AHS Band.JPG 
 Fall extravaganza one act play cast.jpg Fall extravaganza AHS Students Mr. Counts, Miss Phillips, and Miss Kimberlin.
 Fall extravaganza Choir Students Mr. Burnette and Mr. Bunch.JPG  Fall extravaganza Mr. Nicely.JPG
 Fall extravaganza Greeters.JPG Fall extravaganza AHS Students Mr. Asboth and Mr. Brown.JPG
 Fall extravaganza AHS Student Miss Hepler.JPG Fall extravaganza AHS Spanish Students Dancing.JPG
 Fall extravaganza AHS Students Miss Massie, Miss Hall, and Miss Ross.JPG Fall extravaganza AHS Student Mr. CJ Wilcher.JPG
 Fall extravaganza Director of Instruction and student.JPG Fall extravaganza Tiger in the weeds.JPG
 Fall extravaganza Mr. Leitch.JPG Fall extravaganza AHS Students.JPG
 Fall extravaganza AHS Students Laughing.JPG Fall extravaganza Miss Purkey and Miss Bolden.JPG
 Fall extravaganza AHS Student Mr. Willard.JPG Fall extravaganza AHS Students 3.JPG
 Fall Extravaganza AHS Students 2.JPG Fall extravaganza AHS Student.JPG
 Fall extravaganza student dressed up as Beetle juice.JPG Fall extravaganza AHS Students Mr. O'Conner and Miss Silver.JPG
 Fall extravaganza Mr. Nicely, Mr. Aragonzes, and Mr. Nicely.JPG Fall extravaganza poetry out loud contestant Mr. Brown.JPG
 Fall extravaganza science project.JPG Fall extravaganza students laughing well Mr. Meadows Laughing.JPG
 Fall extravaganza I am who i am.JPG Fall extravaganza Mr. Tucker in tiger paint.JPG

 TO GO Bucket supplies   TO GO Buckets 

Students in Mrs. Bowels'  introductions to Sport Medicine Class put together and delivered TO GO Buckets to all the schools in the division.  The TO GO Buckets are a safety measure for classrooms in the schools have to go on a lock down.   The TO GO Buckets contain vital supplies that can be used in case of an 
emergency.  Here are several Photos of the students creating and delivering the TO GO Buckets. 

Alexande Harris, Erik Honaker, Kobe Nicely, Ethyn Kimberlin, Alexandre Taylor, Emma Nicely, Daylin Pinkston, James Ruff, Erin May, Mackenzie Richardson pictured

AHS Students with TO GO Bucket Preparation. Stop the Bleed Packets for the TO GO Buckets. James Ruff, Emma Nicely, and Daylin Pinkston working on TO GO Buckets 
AHS Introduction to Sports Medicine Students working on TO GO BucketsErin May and Jasmine Graham filling TO GO Buckets for School DeliveryJames Ruff Carrying TO GO Buckets.More AHS students on the go moving to deliver TO GO Buckets


AHS Students Loading the Bus with TO GO BucketsAHS students with TO GO Buckets


AHS Students on the bus to help the Division by delivering TO GO Buckets   AHS Students on the go move to deliver TO GO Buckets  
  Erik Honaker delivering TO GO Buckets   

Alleghany High School Students delivering TO GO Buckets to Schools in the Division 



AHS Mountaineer HeadPicture of AHS Newtech LogoAHS Mountaineer Head

Alleghany High School Fall Extravaganza for the Community

The Alleghany High School Administration would like everyone to attend the 2019 Fall Extravaganza!  Students, staff, parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, great grandparents, next door neighbors, and all other  community members are invited and encouraged to be at the wonderful Alleghany High School Fall Extravaganza, November 12, 2019.   This will be a great learning opportunity for everyone to see what our students and staff have been doing, as well as make connections for the future growth of the school and community. We are one great big family, and the Alleghany High School Fall Extravaganza is our Family Reunion!  

 “On behalf of the students, staff, and administration of Alleghany High School Please make it a point to be here for the educational experience, fun, and support of everyone! ” ~ AHS Principal Dwayne Ross. “I know you will appreciate the efforts put in by the students to prepare for this event.  You will get the opportunity to see what  the staff already knows about our students, they have a great deal of potential and no limit on the things they can accomplish for themselves and the community!”   

 The goal of Alleghany County Public Schools is for its students, staff, and community to be the guide for the world to follow.  In order to be the guide, they must first explore, design, create, map, and build along the way.   

 “We will continue to work and learn by refining our successes and correcting our mistakes as we use project and problem based learning to benefit everyone.  We hope to improve our learning outcomes, community involvement, and be better each day in the future.   Your feedback is vital to this end,” said Ross.

 If you have ideas and/or resources to contribute to our students growth please contact Alleghany High School at 863-1700 or email Dwayne Ross, principal at [email protected] or Jackie Almarode, AHS New Tech coordinator at [email protected]