Activities & Clubs - 2020-2021

ACE Team

Sponsor/Coach: Ms. Samuelsen

Information: The ACE Team, also known as Scholastic Bowl, is a place where academically gifted and/or trivia-loving individuals compete against each other’s knowledge. At the end of the season, we compete against other schools. All areas of academics can be represented in the questions but also areas outside of academia such as current events, sports, and even television shows may be utilized. Those who like to test themselves and learn enjoy competing during practices. 


Sponsor: Mrs. Brown

Information: The ADAPT club is for all students with disabilities and for those that are interested in education and assistance to those fellow students with disabilities. The intent is to provide information as to how students can transition more easily into the high school setting and how education about the students can be shared with staff and other students.  Sharing of this information can be, but not limited to, presentations, posters, personal assistance, and self- knowledge. Our motto is:  All Students Inclusive.

Art Society

Sponsor: Mrs. Canter

Information: Art Society is a club at Alleghany High School that is focused on making art! We make art projects that you are interested in learning about. We fundraise to take trips and to get supplies. Art Society also works to bring art into the community. Our goal is to make our art program even better here at Alleghany High School. Art Society dues are $5, turn them in to Mrs. Canter in Rm. 126.


Chess Club

Sponsor: Mr. Vanderford

D&D Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Maccentelli


Do you like role-playing games?

Do you like wizards, elves, banshees, and dragons?

If so, join the Dungeons and Dragons club!

This club provides students with the opportunity to learn more about D & D, as well as a chance to create and play campaigns with others.

Emergency Crew

Sponsor: Mrs. Puffenbarger

Information: The Emergency Crew is for anyone who likes to help others. Our dues are $5.00 and we have one fundraiser a year. You do not have to be in a Rescue Squad or Fire Department to join. We usually hold 2 Blood Drives a year. One first semester (at the YMCA September 24th ) and the second will be held Second semester. This helps save so many lives!   Come join to help others.


Sponsor: Mr. Hagy

Information: Expressions is Alleghany High School's literary club/magazine. We hold creative writing workshops and publish the school's literary journal, and this year will be the first year that we have a digital journal with weekly updates. Once a year we hold Expresso Night in the library, which is an open mic session for poetry, storytelling, and performance.


Sponsor: Ms. Cave


Fellowship of Christian Athletes/Students for Christ

Sponsors: Mrs. Hensley/Mr. Brigham

Information: This club is for those interested in Christian living, spiritual growth and doing work for Christ. We hold various group events such as Bible study & prayer as well as charity work. We are also looking for those willing to be leaders of this club. See a club sponsor if you are interested. 

Foreign Language Club

Sponsor: Sr. Aragones

Information: This club will organize activities directed to experience and enjoy the different cultures in the world.


Sponsor: Mrs. Reed

Information: Video:

During this time, there is a virtual competition scheduled for FFA, and we will hold after school meetings, work in the greenhouse, and involve ourselves with school and community needs.  Join us to see where FFA can take you!  (Note: We will accept school only FFA members that cannot compete at the state or national level until they have an Agriculture Class at AHS, and full members that have had at least 1 class in Ag during their time at AHS)  Dues are $15.00.  Also, if you were in FFA last year, you still need to sign up each new year if you wish to continue. A Blue and Gold Banquet will be held for last year's members, as well as this year's new members.

Key Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Harmon

Mountaineer Maniacs

Sponsor: Mrs. Spinks

Information: Mountaineer Maniacs is a club for student leaders from various athletic teams that work with our Athletic Director, Mr. Brown.  We promote and support all student activities.  Dues for the club are $10.


Sponsor: Mrs. Sprouse

Information:  Love music and helping your community?  Noteworthy is a club for music lovers that want to make a difference!  We use our talents to raise money for various charities by hosting open mic nights throughout the school year, participating in area Christmas parades,  running bake sales, and producing the annual spring talent show. All are welcome! Membership dues are $5. 

Outdoors Club

Sponsor: Mr. Jefferson

Robotics Club

Sponsors: Mr. Kelly

Information: In Robotics Club, we work as a team to design, build, and test robots to compete in games and challenges. If you have an interest in robots, design, or coding, this club is for you.


Sponsors: Mrs. Sprouse/Ms. Blevins

Information: The Tri-M® Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. Application and public performance is required to be considered for membership.  Membership fee of $15 applies after acceptance. Please see Mrs. Sprouse or Ms. Blevins for more information. 

Youth in Government

Sponsors: Mr. Conner/Ms. Mast

Information: This club will work towards participating in the Virginia Model General Assembly in April 2021, including fundraising, bill writing, workshops, and learning about the legislative process.  Facebook Page: