Schedule/Diploma Changes

Schedule Change Request Form is linked below

  • Requesting specific electives for classes, or teachers cannot be accommodated fairly and is not allowed with our schedule.
  • Our schedule is built over the summer based on classes our students requested in April.
  • Changing a schedule at the start of a semester will not usually function in our schedule due to class sizes of where someone would like to transfer into, and the hiring of staff based on original student requests.

Change forms are due by the 3rd day of school for that semester, or prior to the start of a new Term.  Turn forms in As Soon As Possible to allow time for a better possibility the change can be made (Emails or phone calls do not replace the need for this handwritten form). There needs to be a signature from a parent/guardian 

ALLOWED CHANGES: If you see an error or problem on your schedule (missing a class, 2 classes the same block, subject out of sequence, failed with that teacher for the same subject) you may request a schedule change by completing a Schedule Change Request Form and returning it to the Counseling Office.

We cannot guarantee elective changes will be approved, and we will require two signatures, one your parent/guardian and one from Principal Dwayne Ross for elective changes. No principal signature is required to change the academic core classes of English, Science, Math, and History, only the parent/guardians.

Counselors will do their best to make requested changes, but space limitations and schedule conflicts severely limit what can be accomplished. 

Diploma Change Request Form is linked below

You will need to complete and submit the form linked HERE to change your diploma. Diploma changes will ONLY be accepted at the beginning or end of a semester, or over the summer break. We will not accept any diploma changes right before/during SOL testing.